Go To The Snow With the Gnome

Travelocity Gnome SnowboardingEver seen the guy to the left before? Take a good look, I know he's somewhat in disguise.

He's the Travelocity Gnome that travels around much like the Ski Utah Yeti - not a care in the world and every hookup that matters. Free this, free that, all the babes...you get the picture.

The North Face and Snowbird have teamed up with the Gnome for the "Go To The Snow" sweepstakes that includes the following:

  • 4 day Ski Salt Lake Super Pass

  • 2 airline tickets to Salt Lake City

  • Spa treatment

  • 4 night stay at the Cliff Lodge

  • North Face Cryptic gear

The thought of winning such a trip should have you clicking without regard to The North Face website

If by some miracle you are the lucky winner we want to see the photos of you living the high life at Snowbird.  Red hat and all.