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Get ready for TEDxSaltLakeCity2.0!

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Full-time MBA student Annie Studer is passionate about sustainability, and she set up a live-streaming event on campus for this weekend’s TEDxSaltLakeCity2.0 conference how sustainable communities behave. She wrote a bit about it:

It seemed fortuitous.

Two weeks ago, a classmate from the MBA class of 2015 walked down my street. We discussed life happenings, how demanding and rewarding the MBA program has been so far, and the upcoming TEDxSaltLakeCity2.0. On September 21, TEDxSaltLakeCity2.0 will bring together 10 local leaders—from PhDs to architects to lawyers—to discuss creating a sustainable future for Salt Lake City.

TEDxSaltLakeCity2.0 sold out of its 100 tickets within five hours, but anyone can host a live-streaming event. A random encounter with a classmate walking by my home, suggesting participating in a sustainability event—how could I not want to be involved?

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