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Get a Drink at Salt Lake International Airport

I was watching a Twitter feed about Salt Lake City today and a gal from Florida commented that her plane had arrived 45 early to Salt Lake International Airport. Well there's a bonus, but what to do with the extra time if you find yourself in the Salt Lake Airport?

Aside from shopping and my favorite eats at California Pizza Kitchen in the D concourse is the Squatters Pub located in the C concourse. It's open from 7:30am to 8:00pm.

Now before you think yet another airport bar think again.

Squatters made the grade in late April in an article written by Forbes Travel about the top airport bars in the country. Yea, who would have thought Salt Lake could make the tops list for bars?


For most locals who have been to Squatters downtown it's not hard to believe with all their award winning beers and a great atmosphere. Transfer those two elements to the airport and you're set.

Next time you pass through the airport weather here for a convention or a vacation, stop by concourse C and relax at Squatters, one of Americas best airport bars.

--read the rest of the story from Forbes Travel.