Gelande Quaffing at the Outdoor Retailer Show

Hosting a wide variety of meetings and conferences in the Salt Lake Convention Center is like a riding roller coaster. Ups and downs, twists, spins, loops and generally a wild ride that keeps you laughing and smiling along the way (if anything at yourself to say the least). When you are playing host to people from around the globe you get a chance to see some really interesting things happen, even some wild things.

During the Outdoor Retailer Show, a semi-annual show for Outdoor Industry companies, booths are large enough that some feel like mobile stores. Sales meetings take place, gear is displayed, the press catch up on the latests and greatest and many others just roam around gawking with glossy eyes at the new shiny gear. For the climber/skier/hiker/outdoor adventurer it's an indoor paradise much like the casino is for a poker player.

Each day as the show winds down many of the larger booths turn into mini clubs for "beer thirty" gatherings before Salt Lake is bombarded with the masses. Quite often, it's during "beer-thirty" when wild things happen.

Case in point. At this winter's Outdoor Retailer Show a few of the gear manufacturers like Cloudveil and Smith resurrected an old ski bum tradition that was born in the Village Cafe at Jackson Hole Ski Resort. It's called Gelande Quaffing. What exactly is Gelande Quaffing you ask? The video explains, check it out:

Yes, this happened in Salt Lake. Bring your wild ideas and your meetings too, we're open for biz.

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