Fueling Up for the Slopes

A day on the slopes requires fuel for your body, especially if you're visiting and aren't used to the elevation and exertion that is skiing in Utah.

While I enjoy a good meal on the slopes at a location like the Collins Grill at Alta, stocking up for a day by visiting a location like Whole Foods is also a great way to plan for your day.

Me, I do both. I'll often carry a PROBAR, an apple or banana with me in my jacket but I'm not opposed to stopping for some soup, fries, hot cocoa or one of those scrumptious brownies at the Watson Shelter at Alta.

Our friends at Ski Utah put together this little video about their recent stop at Whole Foods to fuel up for a day on the slopes.  Check it out and then chime in to tell us what you do to fuel up for the slopes or any tips you may have.

We've got a few PROBAR's kicking around the office so if your tip on fueling up for the slopes is helpful we'll contact you and send you some of these locally made bars.