Frida Bistro - upscale Latin American cuisine

Food is sexy. Think about any product you interact with, and few things inspire the passion and excitement that we feel when we have a great meal. Frida Bistro not only understands this relationship we have with food, but they embrace the idea that food is sexy. In this valley, where we have over 300 choices for Mexican cuisine, they have to do something different to stand out. Frida Bistro succeeds at providing an excellent reason to try this new spot.

Step inside the beautiful dining room, and expect something more than the typical taco and burrito menu. Choose from a number of small plates to share, like their Tres Ceviches: scallops, prawns, and albacore paired with vegetables and fruit, and perfectly spiced. I highly recommend the blue-corn quesadilla with huitlacoche and goat cheese. For larger main dish options, there are several great tamales like the Barracho Borrego, a lamb stuffed tamale topped with a luscious tequila and mulato pepper sauce served with tres verdes rice, or the vegetarian-friendly Tamale Verde stuffed with artichoke, asparagus, queso fresco steamed in a banana leaf.

The brilliance of Frida Bistro finds its way on to the drinks menu, where there is an excellent selection of wines, as well as an eclectic assortment of margaritas. Much more than traditional margaritas, there are options ranging from the sweet and simple, to the decadently divine Aguacate Margarita made with avocado. The thought of pairing guacamole in a margarita may seem odd, but it was incredible.

Open for lunch Monday through Friday, 11am-3pm. Open for dinner Monday through Saturday, 5pm-9:30pm (open until 10:30 Friday & Saturday). Great spot for a casual lunch, romantic date-night, or just to have a truly sexy meal. Located at 545 West 700 South in Salt Lake.

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