French Bakery, Italian Name

Cucina Deli - Salt Lake in the AvenuesI was looking for a lunch meeting location with WiFi but wanted to be close to downtown without being in the heart of it. Not that there's anything wrong with downtown but sometimes a quiet location in one of Salt Lake's neighborhoods is just what you need.

Before I first visited Cucina Deli upon hearing the name I figured it'd be an Italian restaurant but I was surprised to see that the sign out front said French Bakery. Ok, so French bakery, Italian Name, no big deal. After that first visit a couple years ago it's no wonder many people cite Cucina as their favorite place to eat.

It's not so much the food, which is absolutely delightful including some of the most tempting pastries in town. In fact, when I told my meeting where we were headed the first thing they said was "oh no, I can't resist their pastries".

The enjoyable thing about eating at this neighborhood location is the fact that you're bound to see all types of people during the lunch hour - families, old friends, young professionals, and the neighborhood moms getting together. Few places can pull this off as well as Cucina.


The WiFi is a little spotty but we were the only group that looked like they were trying to get some work done.  I guess people don't go to Cucina for the wifi and just as well our focus turned to the food.


If you're up in the Avenues, do yourself a favor and drop in to Cucina.  And after you're done, chime in and tell us what your favorite dessert is, if you can narrow it down to just one.