Free Ice Skating, Anyone?

gallivan_ice_rink_smallEvery year I get excited for another winter season in Salt Lake for several reasons: snow and skiing, holidays and happiness, even the cold and its freezing effects bring something wonderful. A good example of that is ice skating at the Gallivan Center.

The Gallivan Center in the downtown district is opening its famous rink for the winter season tomorrow night: FRIDAY, NOV. 13! To celebrate the event, the Gallivan Center is offering FREE ICE SKATING to everyone from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. I'm thinking of going with my girlfriend who doesn't much like the cold in the dead of winter. This will be perfect for both of us because she's a cold hater and I'm cheap.

Visit the Gallivan Center site for more information on the ice rink and other events in the Gallivan Center this holiday season.