The Salt Lake Scene

Food Matters from City Weekly

I've talked about the City Weekly before as one of a number of resources whether you're a local or visiting for the first time.

Last week City Weekly's Ted Schefflerr, who writes the Food Matters column, cited three must tastes for Salt Lake. His column featured one of the local favorites Curry in a Hurry and their 10th anniversary, Cristiano Creminelli's white truffle salami (available at Caputo's Market), and the new Wild Grape bistro in the avenues.

I'm looking forward to getting to the new Wild Grape. If you've been there or tasted Creminelli's salami or have a special spot in your stomach for Curry in a Hurry, feel free to spend your $.02 and comment below.

Be sure to also check out Ted's piece over at or pick up a copy of City Weekly around town. You'd be hard pressed to not see a magazine rack with one in it.