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Finding the perfect ski boots: No pain, no gain

Tuesday December 24, 2013


Dalbello Kyra 95




We've all heard the saying "no pain, no gain," and I've certainly noticed it to be true with sexy heels, but recently I felt first hand the true meaning of the phrase. I bought ski boots. Whoa mama, the process of custom molding the liners to my feet hurt, BAD! Before I get ahead of myself, I'll share what led up to the medieval torture I endured.

As a new skier, I've been on a steep learning curve. Luckily there has been no shortage of people who have helped me learn the sport. One thing I heard over and over is to invest in good boots.

I started out my quest for the perfect boots by researching which stores had the best boot fitters on staff. I found several that came highly recommended, including Sports Den on Foothill Drive, named Best Custom-Fitted Ski Boots for 2012 by Salt Lake City Weekly.

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