Fat Flake Boot-Race Winner Shares Secrets!

Everybody knows that Utah has the greatest snow on Earth. So why wouldn't we have a festival to celebrate it? The 2008 Fat Flake Festival was a huge success again in Salt Lake this year.

There was energy in the air for the upcoming winter. Live music, athlete signing sessions, rail jams, and other competitions stirred the stoke for everybody that attended. One of those competitions was a ski-boot race. The winner, Caitlin Morgan of SLC, took home a brand new pair of boots for her lightning boot-stepping peformance. I recently caught up with Cait to ask her a few questions about the big win:

SL: How did you learn to run so fast in your ski boots?

CM: Well, to tell you the truth, ski-boot racing isn't something easily trained for.  If you practice around the neighborhood, people will be worried and wonder... At the resort, you could practice running from your car to the lift, but you could fall and ruin a potentially good day on the hill. It's really better to just be born with it.

SL: Is there a person who you've admired as you grew up dreaming of being a ski-boot racer?

CM: My dad, the legendary Sam-I-Am. Though the same boots he still uses can now be seen in ski museums, his passion for skiing and the value he places on his own boots have always made an impression on me.

SL: What were you thinking as you crossed the finish line and clinched the win?


SL: What's next for Caitlin Morgan?

CM: Well, doing athletic competitions in stiff, restrictive attire brings about an additional challenge for me.  Next, I was thinking of looking into something with full armor on.  Perhaps jousting... I haven't tried that before.

SL: Is there any advice you would offer to young ski-boot racers?

CM: Keep growing, it's easier when the boots don't come up to your knees.


This is Caitlin's first major win in this race category. Ms. Morgan lives in the Sugarhouse area, is an avid skier, and thrill seeker. We hope to see her next year to defend her title.

Now that the Fat Flake Festival is over, may the FAT FLAKES FALL!