Fab classes & fine food at Tony Caputo's Market

So what did Sassy Scoops think of the cooking classes offered by Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli? Is the cheese cave really as cool as it sounds? Read on to find out!


QUESTION: What was your first impression?

Emily: How did I not know about this place before? I mean, I knew about it but had never been inside. Someone pinch me–I think I’ve died and gone to cheese, chocolate and gourmet-food heaven! My other first impression? (Yes, I had two first impressions…) That Matt Caputo seriously knows cheese and chocolate! Holy crap!
Nathan: It is like a toy store for your taste buds. The place is lined with various candies, spicy meats, cheeses, and breads. At first I was a bit intimidated by it all. I had no idea what I would like. In short I was out of my depth.
Quinn: Wow. My first impression was: wow. I loved the atmosphere and was slightly intimidated, but very excited to take it all in (there’s sooo much to see and experience).
Randy: Very nice looking place!
Vanessa: Home. I love this place, I roam around this place for way too long and want everything inside. The cooking classes were very down to business and educational.
Tyler: Impressed. Matt Caputo did an extraordinary job teaching us about the history, ins and outs and many interesting facts with the cheeses and chocolates.

QUESTION: What did you like the most?

: The cheese cave was pretty darn cool, though the height of some of the crazy growth on some of those cheese rounds was enough to put me off cheese forever. Okay, not really, but it was crazy! My favorite cheese was the Lagrein (thank heavens for wine-soaked cheese with a hint of garlic) and my favorite part about the chocolate class was the taste testing of course. Oh, and hearing the word “cacao” (pronounced “kuh-kah-oh”) was life changing. Who knew?
Nathan: I liked learning about chocolate. Its history. How it is grown, processed, roasted, and refined.
Quinn: I thought the whole night was really interesting, honestly. I don’t know if that’s a cheating answer, but I really loved the cheese instruction and tasting (I’m chicken about cheese flavors, but these were sooo yummy!) and the chocolate class blew my mind. No more cheap chocolate for me.
Randy: The cheese instruction and tasting.
Vanessa: Learning the history behind certain things, seeing the passion and enjoyment the owner and his employees get out of where they work and the products.
Tyler: Finding my new favorite cheese, Lagrein. {Tyler, that can’t be your favorite; it’s mine…all mine!}

: What didn’t you like?

: What I didn’t like was more my fault—I was thinking the chocolate class was sort of a cooking class so I was a little disappointed there was no hands-on activities, though sampling the cheese and chocolate was pretty hands on…and tasty! The other issue I have with Caputo’s is that it isn’t just down the street so I can visit as often as I’d like.
Nathan: I would liked to have eaten (and sampled) more!
Quinn: Why can’t Caputos be in my neighborhood?! I’d go there every day. Also, I’ve been regretting ever since that I didn’t buy myself a few Amano chocolate bars to stock me up until I make it back out there to buy more.
Randy: I don’t know; can’t think of anything I didn’t like.
Vanessa: Wish there was more “warmth” to the cooking classes, a bit more casual would have suited my taste.
Tyler: Wish they had a location closer to where I lived, though I do stop in when I have clients in that area.

QUESTION: Would you visit again?

: That’s a resounding “YES!” I’m actually plotting the next time I can visit, but my next trip will be for lunch AND a bit of shopping.
Nathan: Absolutely. Everyone there was very approachable and helpful. You don’t have to pretend to be all-knowing with these people but you do have to pretend to like food. They all seem to love the food and are quite knowledgeable about everything they offer.
Quinn: Definitely!!! I want to stop in whenever I’m downtown now; been thinking about my next trip to Caputo’s nearly every day since we went there.
Randy: Yes!
Vanessa: Yes! We want to attend the vinegars and another cheese class. We learned so much and were so impressed with Matt’s expertise and passion for what he does.
Tyler: Have been already, really great place.

QUESTION: If you could only send out one tweet about the business, what would you say?

: Love chocolate? Love all things gourmet? You MUST visit @CaputosMarket in SLC #utah! Fab classes & fine food from all over. YUM!
Nathan: {He’s still not on Twitter…perhaps never will be.}
Quinn: Have you been to any of the @caputosmarket classes yet? They’re a must for any #slc #foodie! Go register RIGHT NOW.
Randy: Check out @CaputosMarket for really cool cheese classes and tastings! Their prices are unbeatable and their quality is unmatched.
Vanessa: Are you a Foodie? You NEED to go to a @CaputosMarket cooking class. You will learn so much and love the food culture even more.
Tyler: @CaputosMarket has products above and beyond in quality compared to any other place in Utah. At surprisingly great prices as well.

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