Experience a Pioneer Christmas at This Is The Place


We used our Salt Lake Connect passes to visit This Is The Place and experience their Candlelight Christmas. This is definitely an experience unlike any other during the holidays, and one you do not want to miss! It's a great way to experience Utah's Christmas past, and learn some history in the process!

View a 3 minute video below the post of some of the highlights.

Travel back in time and experience Christmas how the pioneers did, and hear about some of their traditions. It was great to see all of the pioneers walking around saying "Happy Christmas". It really added to the atmosphere.

PhotobucketMake sure you stop by the live nativity, where you will find Mary and Joseph in a stable with Baby Jesus, and shepherds tending to their flocks. The flocks, by the way, are real sheep, and are not in a pen. They are walking around where you walk, and you are able to pet them and be right up close to them.

You will also see real reindeer, and visit with Father Christmas. He is located in the Christmas Village to the West of the reindeer.

Each little area has something different. There are crafts for the kids, stories of pioneers, dancing, singing, a demonstration of how the very first Christmas card was printed (and receive a copy of it!), puppet shows, and much more! We spent 2-1/2 hours there, and could have easily spent a lot more time if the kids weren't tired!

What you need to know:Photobucket

  • Make sure you wear walking shoes, and bundle up! Visit the Huntsman Hotel for hot chocolate, soup, and other goodies to keep you warm!

  • Make sure you ride the train (it's included in the admission price), and see some beautiful light displays. There are two places to pick up the train: In front of the Huntsman Hotel, and in front of the main entrance. The train usually runs every 10-15 minutes or so.

  • Make sure you take time to go into every house and store. Even the houses that look "dark", make sure to peek inside and see if there's anything in there. One of the houses we almost passed by because it didn't look "open", but when we went inside, there was a pioneer man telling all about stockings and how the tradition got started. He even presented each child (ages 0 to 101) with a special pioneer stocking. You can see a short clip of this in the video at the end.Photobucket

  • Don't be afraid to talk to the pioneers and ask them questions! They are all very knowledgable and friendly, and we heard some great stories and songs we wouldn't have heard otherwise!

  • I wish I would have brought a large bag or backpack. There are so many crafts, free stockings, and many other things that we were given, and by the end it was hard to juggle all of it in my hands and overflowing purse. Take advantage of all there is offered, and bring something to carry it all in!

This Is The Place is located in Salt Lake City on Sunnyside Avenue, just off of Foothill Drive. CLICK HERE for a map. (If you know where the Hogle Zoo is located, it's right across the street.)

CLICK HERE for admission prices, and more information about This Is The Place events.

View the video here:
(No need to adjust your screen settings. Because the pioneers didn't have electricity, they did everything by candlelight. The video is automatically darker than usual. Seeing the candlelight atmosphere in person really adds to the experience!)

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