Este Pizzeria

I get so excited when we find a restaurant with food we feel that Utah was lacking.

We moved to Utah from back east, and although we have found a lot of "good" pizza, we have been missing "superb" pizza. I mean, the kind you crave in the middle of the night, a place that inspires you to announce to your husband, "This is it. Let's not bother with any other restaurant. I want to come here for every date night." The kind you tell everyone about, the kind you invite your friends to and it impresses every single time. Well, we found it!  Este New York Style Pizzeria, hands down, is the best pizza we have had so far in Utah. Boy, have we missed this kind of pizza like back in Boston and New York City, but finally, we found it in Salt Lake City.

Este Pizzeria has two locations: one in downtown Salt Lake City and one in Sugar House. I do have to say I like the feel, cleanliness, layout, and staff much better at the Sugar House location. Everything on the menu is good, but you really should try the meatball topping.  It is what we are hooked on!  Also, know that they refuse to put pineapple on any of the pizzas OR serve ranch on the side, which is more than fine.  It doesn't need it. The sauce is smooth and just a bit sweet.  The crust is not too thin and just the right texture. You can tell with your first bite that they put a lot of thought into their ingredients and choose higher quality, from the cheese to the fresh basil.

They have great vegan options, specialty pizzas and a good selection of drinks. My kids love the Zeppoles for dessert (small Italian donuts that come with an agave-based dipping sauce). We were blown away by the pizza but found that the appetizers were nothing special. So head on in and order a meatball pizza.  You will become hooked just like us!

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