The Salt Lake Scene

Escape the Inversion

Toby - Solitude Mountain Resort - January 2009If you're new to Utah or just visiting, a prolonged stay in the Salt Lake Valley during the winter months will have you sooner or later face to face with an inversion.

Salt Lake Magazine describes it quite well, but in a nutshell an inversion takes place when during a high pressure cold air is trapped in the valleys. Unfortunately all that cold air also traps the smog making it look foggy and soupy, for lack of better descriptions. If you didn't know better, you'd think that the entire state was a foggy dull image.

But the escape is just minutes away. As you ascend into the Wasatch Mountains up Little or Big Cottonwood Canyons the sun comes out, the air is surprisingly warmer and it feels like a new world.

This past weekend up at Solitude Mountain Resort the temps were in the 40's and even reaching 50 with the views lasting for hundreds of miles. If you've got the winter blues and want to find some sunshine and warm temps, get yourself to the mountains and enjoy the sunshine.

Solitude Mountain Resort - January 2009 - Toby Burke

--Images by Jay Burke of Solitude Mountain Resort