Covering 40-plus years of snowboard action and innovation in the Salt Lake Valley, this series takes viewers through decades of documentation and the endless progression that has come to define the Salt Lake scene. 

Episode 5: Can't Stop, Won't Stop dives into even more of the people, places, crews, and the reasons why Salt Lake City is such a world-renowned hub for snowboarding. Chris Grenier details the rise of SFK, which involved multiple well-known riders such as Bode Merrill and Scott Stevens, while Sage Kotsenburg describes the creation of Lick the Cat. We'd be remiss to not mention the Bone Zone and Ted Borland's contributions to the local scene at Brighton. Grizzly Gulch and Valley of the Cornices get their time to shine, along with a never ending list of tricks that went down there. Hear more directly from the sources: Andy Wright, Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, Ted Borland, Sage Kotsenburg, Dennis Nazari, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, and many more.

Rewind: Salt Lake City was produced in partnership with Ski City.