Covering 40-plus years of snowboard action and innovation in the Salt Lake Valley, this series takes viewers through decades of documentation and the endless progression that has come to define the Salt Lake scene. With interviews and insights from the sport’s most iconic riders and media makers as well as footage from every era, it is a retrospective of Salt Lake riding that celebrates the impact and enduring influence of snowboarding’s finest city. 

Episode 1: The Early Days, walks us through the birth of snowboarding in the Salt Lake Region. From hike access riding on some of the first boards produced to the early days of riding at Alta before the resort banned snowboarding. Take a dive into the '80s with interviews and stories from Dennis Nazari, Jeff Davis, Andy Wright, Andy Hetzel, Bjorn Leines, Tina Basich, Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, and more.

Rewind: Salt Lake City was produced in partnership with Ski City.