For most, art acts as a pathway to a new way of thinking, inspiration, understanding, and self-discovery. Visual, auditory, and even sensory art can stimulate audiences enough to transport them to a different place, shepherding them into unexplored areas of their mind. Now, imagine a labyrinth of art especially designed to create this immersive, transformative, and all-encapsulating experience, designed by a cornucopia of local artists, that contains a storyline posing you as the hero within this dreamland.

Dreamscapes, a project by nonprofit Utah Arts Alliance (UAA), has created such a reality. In their third and newest version of the Dreamscapes art installation, the UAA has moved the project from The Gateway to the Shops at South Town. “We are always looking for opportunities to fill gaps within our arts community,” Derek Dyer, Executive Director of the UAA and Creative Director of Dreamscapes says. “We found that there is a new business model that could work where artists are able to put in an installation that is not just for a weekend. Where the installation could be a longer, more ongoing thing.”