The Salt Lake Scene

Downtown Eats - Toasters for Lunch

Is downtown Salt Lake more alive than it was 6 years ago? According to Toasters owner Mubera it is.

"Six years ago when we opened Toasters I could count the people walking by on any given day. While it's not like New York, there are certainly more people walking in downtown Salt Lake these days. It's more alive."

When walking downtown opportunities to discover shops, eats and other businesses that add to the flavor of Salt Lake are plentiful. One location I recently discovered is Toasters.

Toasters is a great little sandwich shop on 2nd South across from the Salt Lake Convention Center. A favorite of the Visitors Center staffers, it's also a big hit with convention attendees, in particilar the Outdoor Retailer Show. And the feeling is mutual.
"They [Outdoor Retailer Show attendees] are very easy people, easy to please. Plus they are quite pleasant," says Mubera.

Originally from Bosnia, Mubera and her husband Enes who co-own Toasters moved to the United States seven years ago. Mubera originally fled to Germany with her family when war broke out in Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia. When asked why Salt Lake she replied some extended family here made the transition to the United States easier.

If she had to do if over, would she move to Salt Lake? "I love Salt Lake City! I would consider Portland, but the more and more I travel, the more I love it here in Salt Lake."


As for the food, I had the Turkey Avocado Sandwich which costs $6.90.  Another dozen or more sandwiches to choose from range from $5.90-$7.49.  Soups, salads and the breakfast menu of Bagels and Croissants make Toasters an easy stop during any show at the Convention Center.

During the Outdoor Retailer show Toasters will be open starting at 7am on Saturday and Sunday when normally they'd open at 10am and 11am respectively.