The Salt Lake Scene

Downtown Dining At Blue Iguana

Tucked within historic Arrow Press Square, across the street from the Salt Palace is a great Mexican restaurant offering cultural eating beyond the local taqueria.

The Blue Iguana is in the basement of a great 19th century building that is becoming somewhat of an antique in the now urban landscape that downtown Salt Lake is becoming.

Upstairs, on two different floors is the Salt Lake Benihana. But downstairs with its unique patio seating and cozy atmosphere is where to find the Blue Iguana.

To start your meal, you can get drinks, plus the customary chips and salsa. If you are like me and my wife, make sure to ask for the Guacamole, it is delicious, fresh, and offers a little heat to the mix.

For meals, expect something large, with a lot of flavor. One of the classics here is the Mole, a deep rich sauce made with peppers and spices. There is a huge selection of the staples: tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

I decided to get the Tinga Poblana. It is described on the menu as "Slow-roasted shredded pork. Spicy!" Spicy it was! It has the deep rich taste of the some of the moles mixed with delicious shredded pork. Mixing it with the salsa fresca, and then rolling into warm tortillas was delicious. At only $12, it was a major hit in my book.

My wife decided on the Beef Chimichanga. The shredded beef was delicious wrapped into a fresh tortilla and then fried to give it a nice crispy shell. After a delicious, and sweet tomato sauce is added with a little cheese, you are given a savory dish, with lots to go around.

If you are feeling really hungry, check out the Grande Burrito. It was the biggest burrito that I have ever seen, easily able to feed a family of four...


For a great mexican meal, you can't go wrong the the Blue Iguana. Tasty, huge portions, and fun atmosphere.