Diving Through the Sky

img_3005Looking for an adrenaline rush this summer?  Then you might want to try skydiving!

Not only is the experience exhilarating, but the Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake are absolutely gorgeous viewed from the sky.

Sky Dive Utah offers tandem dives for first-timers and other options for more experienced jumpers.  The tandem jumpers are highly professional but also very fun and friendly, ensuring that you are safe and also have a great time during your jump.

You can purchase video and photos of your adventure and relive the experience afterward. 

Below is footage of local freeskiing legend,  Tanner Hall, skydiving:


At $180, the cost is non-trivial (but completely worth it!), so start saving up for your first skydive now!

Info: Skydive Utah, Tooele Airport, 4645 N. Airport Road, Erda, Utah.  Call 435-833-9999 to schedule your jump!