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Did You Say Powder Day?

Winter is in full swing and if you've got plans to be here during the Holiday's you may have timed things perfectly. A fast moving storm blew through Utah today adding over a foot of new snow to nearly all of the Cottonwood Canyon Resorts.

Solitude had 9" by the time 3pm rolled around with more on the way. The weather service is calling for an additional 4" overnight.

Behind yesterday's storm is an even bigger one that is set to arrive Christmas Eve and extend well into Friday. And yet another storm is on track to hit us over the weekend.

I have a feeling that those of you who will be here during the Holiday week are in for a treat you'll not soon forget. Looks like it could be a powder day every day for the next week or so.

[caption id="attachment_465" align="alignnone" width="442" caption="Are you ready for some of this? Powder at Solitude."]Are you ready for some of this?  Powder at Solitude.[/caption]