Day Trip to Huntsville/Red Cliff Ranch Cafe

redcliffranchandrestaurant09-2-of-4Until recently, I hadn't explored much of the Ogden Valley.  Then I went to Huntsville, and was blown away by the beautiful, quiet landscape only an hour's drive from Salt Lake.

redcliffranchandrestaurant09-1-of-1The trip's purpose was to work on a friend's cabin near Causey Resevoir, which we drove up to but didn't jump in just yet (will let it warm up a little bit more).  The foothills were green and lush, with patches of red rock.  Traffic was minimal, views were wonderful.

For lunch, we stopped at the Red Cliff Ranch cafe.  The ranch itself is one of the oldest working ranches in Utah, and our server told us it was possible to take trail rides through them (the ranch not only serves amazing, slightly peppery burgers, but also acts as an outfitters).  

 She also mentioned that there's regular live music (and what sounds like a regular group of listeners) on the weekends.  All this activity, in what seems like a blissfully out-of-the-way place. I'm definitely coming back.

redcliffranchandrestaurant09-4-of-43   redcliffranchandrestaurant09-1-of-4

Details: 13554 E Highway 39 Huntsville, UT 84317 (801) 745-6900