Davanza's! One-two-three!

davanzasI've been a little under the weather lately. Food hasn't had a strong appeal. Maybe some readers out there can empathize with me with some of the bugs getting around this winter. But yesterday, I finally started feeling better. The first thing I noticed was the return Mr. Insatiable. My appetite was back and he was back with a vengeance. As I thought of places I could go to temporarily please my hunger pangs. One of the first thoughts I had was Davanza's. Davanza's is a place for pizza, tacos, and burgers. Come on! PIZZA, TACOS, and BURGERS?! It's like a three-punch combo of binging bliss. I love this place! Not only is everything on the menu made from scratch, but the atmosphere is unbeatable for somebody who likes to kick back and just eat. The service is that kind of service you only get at a hole-in-the-wall joint: no pretenses, just sincere happiness that you're there to eat it up.

I've had all three of Davanza's genres of food and the reports are all positive. I rate the pizza and tacos a
4 out of 5. I give the burgers a straight 5! Part of that could be the excellent french fries with their special fry sauce that compliment any of Davanza's burgers perfectly. Perhaps my favorite part of the Davanza's experience, however, is knowing a burger that was once on their menu, but not anymore. If you're lucky and visit Davanza's on a night where one of the old-school chefs is running the grill, you can still get it. It's one of my favorite burgers in the world. They call it the Texas Bean Burger. I'll say no more. Davanza's is very popular when any sports event is going on. They have flat screens and the game is always the priority.

Davanza's has three locations. The nearest one to Salt Lake dwellers is 2352 Foothill Dr., right behind the Foothill Chevron near the I-80 exchange. Prices range from $5-$12. After you've tried Davanza's and think to yourself, "I HAVE to be eating this at my next party!," no worries, Davanza's delivers.