The Salt Lake Scene

Contrasting Colors

The hills are vibrant in color these days.  Autumns palate of reds, yellows, greens and oranges are plentiful in Salt Lake's surrounding mountains and even visible from the valley.

This past weekend brought winter's favorite color - white - to contrast with autumns palate in what I believe is one of the most beautiful occurrences to be seen in Salt Lake.  With white tips, the Wasatch Mountains showed off the entire spectrum of colors, complete with shades of blue sky today.

The image above was taken at Solitude Mountain Resort and if you check their mountain image gallery you can see others as the autumn progresses to winter.

Yes, the contrasting colors of autumn and winter are an unique experience. This coming weekend looks to bring another wave of autumn snows.

If you're out taking pictures, feel free to send them our way - kendall card AT gmail DOTT com - and we'll post them up!