Connect Pass - All 13 Locations part 1

Salt Lake Connect Pass - Part 1The Connect Pass is one of the most unique ways to catch some of Salt Lake's best attractions all for the low price of $20 which includes lunch/dinner at the Lion House Pantry (they are open from 11am - 8pm). It's a screaming deal.

With 13 locations on the Connect Pass, it's very possible to take in 4-5 in one day. But what about all 13?

Laura from Visit Salt Lake set out with a couple of her close friends to see if all 13 could be visited in one day. In part 1 of the video below, she starts off at the Olympic Park in Park City, hits the Zoo, This is the Place, Red Butte Gardens and then the Museum of Fine Art.

If you're not sure about the Connect Pass, visit the details page to find out more about the locations and the pricing. With summer in full swing the Connect Pass is the only way to see Salt Lake.