City Greek Express

Classic City Greek gyroIf someone came to me and said they were going to open another Greek restaurant in Salt Lake, I would tell them they're nuts. It seems like every burger place in town makes gyros, and there are a handful of well-established Greek diners, fast food, and full service Greek spots throughout the valley. Yet the newest option for a gyro has quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

City Greek Express has a simple menu, yet provides plenty of options from traditional gyros, to choices for chicken & steak lovers. They even have a veggie-gyro, which is built from the pita up specifically to be a vegetarian option, not just a skimpy "hold the meat" afterthought. Fresh greens, hummus, bell peppers, red onions, feta, cucumbers, and their incredible home-made dressing, the veggie gyro was good enough to excite this carnivore. The classic City Greek gyro is rich, stacked with lamb, onions, tomatoes, and a delicious tzatziki sauce (white sauce made of yogurt, cucumbers, and seasonings).

I started my first visit with a side of lemon-rice and yogurt, which was incredible. I knew that if this was any indication of how good the food would be, I was in for a treat. My gyro arrived and didn't disappoint at all. The 4-inch pita gyros are a nice snack, and give you a chance to try a couple varieties, and the 7-inch gyro is a full meal. A couple more visits later, and I am truly a fan.

small gyrosIn addition to the traditional and veggie gyro, they make a steak gyro, and three types of chicken gyros. They have full-size and side orders of their pasta and garden salads, generously topped with their house dressing and feta. Also, they have a small selection of local beer available on draft. It's a small selection of items, but a wide variety, all prepared with care and full of fresh flavor.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 7:00am-9:00pm. Great spot for a quick lunch or dinner on-the-go. They have take-out platters designed to make it home and feed the family.


City Greek Express
660 South State Street
Salt Lake City

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