Check out Foothill and Salt Lake in the Summer

When so many people think of Salt Lake City and tourism they almost immediately think of skiing. While skiing and snowboarding make up a big part of the visitors who come to town each year more and more people are discovering the other attractions that exist.

Washington Post writer Andrea Sachs whose article entitled "Salt Lake City no longer just a jumping-off point for avid skiers" was republished in the Fort Worth based Star-Telegram which among other things stated this about Salt Lake's Foothill District:

The Foothill Cultural District offers more opportunities to exercise the mind and legs in its 2-square-mile area, which includes Red Butte Garden, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and Hogle Zoo. And for a credit-card workout, Sugarhouse Village is a small bastion of bohemia threaded with outlets.

I think she meant Foothill Village as a small "bastion" for shopping options but we'll forgive her. Sugarhouse Village is an Inn.

Image credit - Salt Lake Chamber