Chalk Art Festival at The Gateway

What are you doing June 18th and 19th?  I'll tell you: you're heading down to The Gateway to stroll classy, breezy Rio Grande Street, watching works of art emerge from the pavement. The Chalk Art Festival at The Gateway is an annual event now in its 8th year that attracts more than 17,000 visitors.  Believe me- you want to be numbered among that 17,000. 

More than 120 artists take to the streets, loaded with a boatload of chalk and a vision, to transform a plot of road into a temporary work of art. The chalk artwork is not what I remember doing during my childhood every summer.  This is more than drawing hop-scotch and writing my name surrounded by hearts on my driveway.  These artists are real and they are good.  

Visiting this event is more than just getting to see some pretty art.  You also get to watch the art transform.  If you visit on the first day, you can watch the artists set up and plot out their image.  Towards the middle and end of that day, images really begin to take shape and you find your favorite.  Artists are generally very happy to talk and answer questions, which makes this experience even more involved.

The festival is sponsored by the Utah Foster Care Foundation in order to provide awareness and support as well as to raise funds for the worthy organization that places foster children in families.

The only sad thing about this weekend?  The artwork eventually fades or washes away.

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