Caputo's Chocolate Tasting Class

bluechocolateTony Caputo's Market is a foodie's paradise in downtown Salt Lake City.   This is the place for quality imported items such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, delicious cheeses (they are one of the few places in the US with their very own cheese cave), and delectable chocolates.

 What most people don't realize is that Caputo's also offers a number of foodie-centric classes throughout the year, including; risotto techniques, cheese and wine pairings, regional Italian cooking, and chocolate tastings.

Being a bit of a chocolate fanatic, I was very excited to attend March 9th's "Introduction to Fine Chocolate" course, and Caputo's did not disappoint.

Our instructor, Matt Caputo (Tony's son), was knowledgeable not only of the nuances of chocolate, but also provided an overview of chocolate production from bean to bar, and other interesting tidbits about chocolate companies, bean genetics, and the emergence of Italy as a major player in the industry with Amedei.

Tony Caputo's Chocolate
During the evening, we trained our palates by sampling a range of chocolates from mediocre to "perfect".  My personal favorite was Michel Cluizel Vila Gracinda Sao Tome, made from beans grown off the coast of Africa, and I am definitely looking forward to their intermediate and advanced offerings later this Spring.

If you just don't have the time to invest in chocolate tasting courses- I would highly recommend stopping by Caputo's to pick up a few bars from their superb selection.  They have something for every chocolate lover.  If you need a little guidance, don't be shy- the staff are very friendly and helpful.