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Broadway, Part I: Retro Rose, Blast from the Past

retrorose1When I first moved to SLC, Broadway (aka 300 South) confused me.  Where was this downtown Salt Lake street with a name instead of a number?  And why were so many of the places I wanted to go located on it?

Well, I've since figured out where it is, and now I'm taking some time to explore, in no particular order, the cool businesses that reside on this downtown street, and learn a little about this part of town.

This weekend, I stopped into Retro Rose, a vintage/collectibles shop run by SLC native Larry Eggett (his siser, Marci, runs the flower shop right next door).

Retro Rose is located in the Worthington Building, the row of yellow shops with black awnings in between 200 and 300 East.

retrorose4 retrorose5

With vintage bikes out front and interesting articles spilling out the doorway, Retro Rose gets your attention.  It's chock-a-block  full of cool stuff from the '50s through the '80s.  Its cluttered vibe is cheery and laid-back. I spent at least a couple hours exploring, totally fascinated by the place.


Larry himself is a wealth of information about both the vintage/collectables business and the history of Salt Lake's downtown, having grown up here and seen the changes the city's neighborhoods have gone through.  It won't come as a surprise to anyone who's checked out a Friday Night Gallery Stroll to hear that this area is gaining in popularity with a younger crowd.

So whether you're in the mood to find a sweet set of pyrex kitchenware like grandma used to have, an old-school stereo, or some funky wall decorations, I highly recommend checking out Retro Rose.  Just give yourself plenty of time.


Details: 207 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City, (801) 364-7979