Brazilians take it to the Streets

img_3586jpg04_09_08It's almost that time of year again... Utah's Brazilian Festival 2009 will be held on Saturday, September 19th at the Gateway downtown.  Brazilian culture, food, music, clothes, crafts, and more will fill the Gateway again for 5 hours of wild samba and fun.  The only downside to the Brazilian Festival is that is never seems to last long enough.

img_3618jpg04_09_08There will be an array of live performances between the two stages at each end of the outdoor mall.  Salt Lake's local "capoeira" practitioners will be on hand for a performance that is always entertaining and exhilarating.  "Capoeira" is a mixture of dance and martial arts where two players will meet in a challenge of skill, strength and flexibility.

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The Festival also promises to once again entertain with a variety of Brazilian music.  Brazilian music is famous for being fast paced, loud, and addictive.  It is difficult to sit still when you see a live performance.

The festival will once again kick off with the Carnival Parade winding through the Gateway, and there will be way too many things to look at in the short span of the event.  Don't miss the food court, sponsored by Tucanos where you will find a full selection of Brazilian food and desserts.

Details:  Utah Brazilian Festival | Sept 19th from 1-6pm at the Gateway Mall in downtown SLC