Body Worlds Opening Reception

Body Worlds 3, the amazing exhibit featuring real human bodies, opened last night in Salt Lake City with a reception for VIP's.

Since I'm blogging about it and linking to The Leonardo's blog, I guess that means I wasn't VIP enough to get an invite. Perhaps some day.

Body Worlds is arguably one of the most fascinating, unique, and sometimes controversial, exhibits ever to be shown.

An impression from the evening included this:
By all accounts the exhibit is mind-blowing, and takes visitors on a journey of the human heart. The interior is extensive and dynamic, with a series of plastinated full-bodied specimens coming towards the end.

I can't wait to see it, showing in The Leonardo at Library Square. (downtown)

The exhibit is on a "Limited Engagement" which essentially means it one day you see it, one day you don't. But a little investigation on the Body Worlds website yielded this image:

But don't get lulled into waiting cause it could and likely will sell out.  It wouldn't be the first time.

About The Leonardo

The Leonardo is an educational and cultural center that brings together science, technology, and the arts in experiences that inspire creativity and innovation.  And you thought Salt Lake was without variety.

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