Blue Lemon in City Creek

For the past year, Blue Lemon has been open down in Highland, Utah, near Thanksgiving Point. We had family that lived in the area so would go to Blue Lemon quite frequently.  We are thrilled that they have opened a location closer to us in City Creek, downtown Salt Lake City. Let me tell you why we adore this place for everything from a family dinner to showing off for our out-of-town guests to lunch meetings to late dinners with friends. 

City Creek Location:
55 W South Temple, SLC, UT 84111

#1 The Food.  Their motto is "pure clean food with a twist" with tons of options for vegetarians, options for those of us that might have diet restrictions due to an illness and tons of  just healthy food. But it's healthy food that tastes incredible.  They use as many local ingredients as they can and they never fry or microwave. Is it sad to admit to the fact that I have had every single item on their menu? Yes, even down to the kid's options and sides, every single one. And I've even had a handful of different specials they have had throughout the year. My husband loves the Roasted Turkey Avocado, Sweet Potato Fries, Hummus Plate and Lemon Chicken Alfredo. He has always felt full and satisfied after eating one of these healthy dishes. I love the Vegetable Lasagna and Butternut Squash Soup. Although, I highly recommend their specials.  They are some of the best dishes I have had out here in Utah and I have never been let down by the chef's special of the week. You must try the Kid's Mac & Cheese.  I sometimes even buy it for myself. They even carry my favorite fountain drinks, Blue Sky Sodas with Pebble Ice.

#2 The service.   It's fast casual, which *most* of the time is my favorite type of restaurant. The food is high end, but you can have the relaxation of seating yourself and not worrying about a tip or questions from a waiter. The food comes out fast  but you don't sacrifice on the quality.

#3 Environment. I have noticed from the biodegradable packaging they use and the fresh & organic ingredients in their dishes, that they try hard to care for the environment and support local. I love supporting places that take the time and sacrifice the money to do their part in this area.

#4 Set Up.  Both restaurants are open, clean, urban and relaxing.  They are really designed not to be too fussy or stuffy but trendy and new age. The seating is comfortable and spaced out, which is great for large OR small groups. I feel comfortable but also feel like I am in a really nice place when I am out with my kids or on a business meeting.  The design and set up at the Blue Lemon really is perfect.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Blue Lemon.  It's been a family favorite for a good while now and we are so excited they finally have opened up a location in Salt Lake City.  Be sure to give it a try!

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