Bird Watching at the Tracy Aviary

tracyaviary-birds-womanYou may not have known (I didn't realize this until recently) that the Tracy Aviary located on 8 acres in the heart of Salt Lake City is the largest of its kind in the United States. The Tracy Aviary is a new addition to the Connect Pass this summer and it could become a favorite for many who didn't realize this gem exists just a short distance from Downtown.

Specifically the aviary is a part of Liberty Park and with all the trees surrounding it unless you've known it's there you've probably missed it while driving by. But it's been there for a long time...71 years to be exact.

From the Tracy Aviary website:
Tracy Aviary is located on eight acres of land in the heart of Salt Lake City. A charitable act by Salt Lake City banker Russell Lord Tracy founded Tracy Aviary when he donated his private bird collection to Salt Lake City and its children. Open to the public since 1938, Tracy Aviary maintains a collection of approximately 400 birds representing about 135 species. Many of these birds are considered rare or endangered...(read more history here)

Laura was at the Tracy Aviary this past month and shot this video showcasing the variety of birds to be seen.  Grab the kids, your friends, spouse, whatever but don't forget the   Connect Pass and check out the Tracy Aviary this summer.

--image courtesy of the Tracy Aviary