The Salt Lake Scene


Bambara Dessert
Located on Main Street adjacent to the Hotel Monaco, Bambara boasts a phenomenal new American bistro style menu.

With menu items ranging from grilled king salmon with beluga black lentils to roasted Colorado bison and onion cornbread pudding, the difficulty in narrowing down the entree choices is only exceeded by the temptation of Chef Power's many delectable dessert options.

Bambara Meal
Unlike the clean-lined but more Spartan feel of some modern high-end restaurants, Bambara's interior boasts luxurious earth tones, and the cozy seating ensure that the atmosphere is both comfortable and inviting.  To liven things up, the open kitchen provides an interesting counterpoint to the subdued and intimate atmosphere.

Food artistry, excellent service, and lovely atmosphere combine to ensure that Bambara is high on the list of Salt Lake's restaurants to experience.

Details: 202 S. Main Street (801)-636-5454.