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Baby Animal Season at This is the Place Heritage Park

Monday April 23, 2012
There's got to be something rooted deep within our DNA that engenders tender feelings towards soft, fuzzy things. My kids eagerly await Baby Animal Season at This is the Place Heritage Park every year.  This is the Place is truly at its best when the whole park is humming with new life and activity; baby animals, artisans and craftspeople at work, pony rides and train rides.  We could spend the entire day there!

I'm surprised each year at how very docile and sweet the animals are.  They're not merely tolerant, but many seem to actually enjoy the attention lavished on them by little visitors. My son was able to snuggle a lamb right in his lap, despite the fact that they were nearly the same size!

I saw one little boy scoop up a lamb like he was born to a life of shepherding, so confident and so gentle at the same time.  I know animals are a lot of work, but for all the wonderful things they teach kids, I hope some day we have room for a few more farm animals alongside Nellie and Rockefeller, our city chicks. Until then, we'll keep coming back to play farmer for a day.

Baby Animal Season is happening now through May 25th.

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