The Salt Lake Scene

Asian Star

asianstar02My girlfriend and I were seeing Where The Wild Things Are at the Century 16 in Union Heights last week. We only had an hour for dinner, so we looked close by and found the Asian Star. I had been there once before and remembered that they were fairly speedy. So we gave it a shot.

We were not disappointed. We got in and out of there in about 50 minutes. And most of that time was not spent on waiting for food. We had our food less than five minutes after we ordered. What I was most impressed with was the service. Our server was from Thailand. She was all smiles and super excited when she discovered my girlfriend had lived in Thailand for four months and could speak a little Thai.kung-pao-chicken

I had the Kung Pao Chicken. I was shocked at the size of this entree. I'm a big eater, but I was not able to get it all down. If you like peanuts, you'll like their Kung Pao Chicken.

snow-pea-w-shrimpAshley (the girlfriend) had the Snow Pea Entree w/ Shrimp. The sauce they used on the Snow Pea Entree was perfect--not too sweet, not too sour.

All in all, our visit to the Asian Star was a success. I learned that the Asian Star is a good option for a night out as it's near movie theaters and shopping. Beware of parking, however. The restaurant has a very small parking lot and after it fills up, it's valet only unless you park down the street a bit at a near-by church.

Prices varied from $8.00 to $20.00 for dinner.

Enjoy the Asian Star and enjoy Salt Lake.