Amber DeBirk's 'Art with a View' recycled glass exhibit opens Friday, April 16 at SAANS Downtown

With Earth Day coming up Thursday, April 22 there’s not a more appropriate time for recycled art to take center stage, and wow, is it ever beautiful. Truly one person’s trash can become another’s treasure.

Friday night, Salt Lake City artist Amber DeBirk’s Art with a View opens at SAANS Downtown with a special reception from 6 to 10 pm. The exhibit runs through May 9 and will feature pieces constructed of recycled glass—colorful, translucent and ethereal.

"The name of the exhibit, ‘Art with a View,’ kind of speaks to my inspiration,” DeBirk says. “My pieces reflect my lifestyle, moods, daydreams and what my children see. My pieces are very colorful; most are bright, bold and funky...yet simple at the same time.”

For DeBirk, the recycled glass exhibit is as much a labor of love as it is a statement about the environmental issues present in Utah. “It's really hard to recycle glass in Utah, so as a glass artist, I felt like I needed to start experimenting with recycled glass,” DeBirk says. “It killed me to think about what wasn't being recycled and ending up in the landfill.”

DeBirk’s pieces have something for everyone—foodies, hipsters and hikers alike. “One of my favorites reminds me of sushi,” DeBirk says. “I used green crushed bottle glass that mimics wasabi. I also like this abstract landscape. The red sky is on fire over rolling hills of intense greens and blues.”

SAANS Downtown is located on 173 East Broadway in Salt Lake City.

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