The Salt Lake Scene

Alternatively Getting Around Salt Lake

If you're talking wide and long, Salt Lake is big. Add to it the ski resorts up Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons and we're talking very large. For measurement's sake, excluding the resorts nor the canyons that get you there, the Salt Lake Valley is approx 22.5 miles North to South and 17.25 miles East to West.

By comparison Manhattan measures 9.7 miles from Yankee Stadium in the North to Battery Park in the south. Going East-West it's roughly 2.1 miles across regardless of where you measure.

While I shudder at the thought of three to four Manhattan's in the valley, it confirms that Salt Lake is wide open. As is often the case getting from A-to-B often requires a car. With gas prices on the rise, more people are looking for an alternative to turning the key. Whether it's the noon time bike for running errands from the office or actually getting to the office via bike, trax or bus I wanted to see if this is really the case.

mopeds are great for getting around downtown Salt LakeAs I walked from meeting to meeting in the downtown area of Salt Lake today I noticed a surprising number of people using these practical options for getting around.

Bike - Salt Lake is getting better at becoming a bike friendly city. With national bike-to-work day coming up on May 16 it's a great time to choose this alternative to driving your car.

Moped - Surprisingly I spied a few of these around Salt Lake within a very short hour. Insane gas mileage and a care free way to get from A to B, a moped is a practical addition to your garage if you live in the city.

Trax lightrail in Salt Lake CityTrax - Commuting, getting to school, taking in the sites, going to a game at the U and more can be done riding Trax.

Wheather you call Salt Lake home or home for a few days, considering an alternative way to getting around could not only improve your fitness level but may just make you smile more often.