Adobos Caribbean Grill

The Sassies recently reviewed Adobos Caribbean Grill, to see our official rating of our experience, read it here.

With so many common restaurants in the area, learning a Puerto Rican cuisine had opened up in southern Salt Lake County was a welcoming thought. And from those who have actually experienced the food on the island (*raising hand*,) to others who were savoring it for the first time, we all agreed this was indeed a little piece of tropical paradise on a plate! And visiting Adobos Caribbean Grill would be the closest a Utahn would get to visiting the Isla Del Encanto without a boarding pass. The only thing missing is the singing of the coquis.

Of course, anyone new to the Puerto Rican palate has to be initiated into the culture by tasting the imported beverage named “Malta.” It’s an “acquired taste” (one which I have not yet acquired), but I still had no problem recommending the Sassies give it a whirl. I may have lost some respect and friendships at that point.

But what we did agree on and rave about, all the way from appetizers through dessert, were the other menu items. Tito, the owner of Adobos wanted us to have the full experience so he sent out pretty much one of everything from the menu. From tostones and alcapurrias to Mofongo and Mamposteaos (all highly recommended, by the way), we were a table of very satisfied Sassies.

It’s obvious Puerto Rican Carino (TLC) is an added ingredient in everything served to their guests.  After meeting Tito (the owner/chef) and learning more about the history behind Adobos, you’ll see why.

In this case, tasting is believing and you definitely need to get a taste (or two) of Adobos Caribbean Grill in Sandy.

9460  So. Union Square Plaza (650 E.), Suite 106
Sandy, UT 84070

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