The Salt Lake Scene

Acme Burger Company - Beyond Expectation

When I first heard the name "ACME Burger Company" I thought it was a joke. Then I honed in on their tagline of "Anything but common" and new it was something I needed to check out. Time passed and for one reason or another I didn't make it over there...until now.

But burgers and fries? How could a restaurant pull this type of menu off? I mean, what's more common than burgers and fries here in the United States? And while I've got my personal list of favorites when it comes to burgers joints, I'm always interested in checking out the new and different.

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake's "dining district" (2nd west, 3rd south) ACME is hard to miss. Big, blue and...different. Parking is made easier with their own lot but if you're staying downtown it's an easy walk from just about anywhere.

I went there on a Monday afternoon at 2:30 and the restaurant enjoyed a steady flow with 5-6 other groups dining while we were there. Our server was new so he was being shadowed by a veteran server which wasn't a problem at all. This kid was good, and his upfront and honest approach of "I'm new" was refreshing.

After ordering the Breath Enhancer (a garlic burger) and the Bison Burger for my father, I watched as the owner and the manager individually greeted and engaged in brief conversation each dining party. I was impressed. The conversation appeared unique and genuine each time.

I asked Ashley, ACME's manager since it opened last year, about the recent OR show and how business had been. "The OR (Outdoor Retailer) show has been great to us. The people were super friendly and we enjoyed having them in town." I think the OR attendees also appreciated the full bar that ACME offers.

ACME's Bison Burger - So good I forgot to take the picture until it was half gone.

Although the prices were a bit higher than I expected, the food was prepared to order and with the finest ingredients. If there was any doubt about how it was prepared, I could watch the chef cooking up my burger on a flat screen TV in the dining area.

Other unique elements of ACME includes a hammer-head shark pinata, quansit hut style roof, slip form walls, and an industrial feel that all spells...random. But that's the intent - anything but ordinary.

Bottom line for me is that unlike McDonald's where the Mac attack takes place after you've gone through the golden arches, the food at ACME is enjoyable to the palate, feels good to the stomach and is a restaurant experience that is very different from any of those burger joints on my top 10.

Tip: Try the Raspberry Chipolte Sorbet for desert. A sorbet with a kick!