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A Visit to Tracy Aviary

Friday June 15, 2012

If you're like me, the thought of an aviary, essentially a zoo devoted exclusively to birds, somehow doesn't sound as exciting as a regular zoo.  But that's where we'd be wrong.  Tracy Aviary is awesome!  You get to learn in-depth about all sorts of amazing birds.  And the new additions they've recently built are top-notch.  You come away from the experience with a whole new appreciation for the vast diversity of birds and with a head full of random facts to impress your friends with.

One of our favorite exhibits is the new owl forest.  You can get right up close and personal with species you rarely get to see in the wild.  And weaving through the tall, shady pines feels like stepping into another part of country.

When you purchase your ticket, ask them about feeding the Sun Conures and the Pelicans.  It's a couple bucks extra, but it is SO worth it!  We fed the Sun Conures and next time we'll definitely be tossing a fish to the pelican.  It was, without a doubt, the highlight of the trip for the kids.  Okay, and maybe for me too. :) That, and having a Toucan hop across my hands during the bird show, seeing my four-year old feed two ducks named Salt and Pepper, and helping my two-year feed a very clever crow.  There are all sorts of opportunities to interact with the birds. If you're looking for a really special experience, consider attending their annual fundraiser, Breakfast with the Birds on Saturday, June 16th.

Tracy Aviary is the perfect spot for an early morning adventure.  The abundance of trees keeps it shady and cool, even on hot days and its location right inside Liberty Park makes it easy to combine with a picnic, a run through the splash pad or a quick game of tennis.

Tracy Aviary is a featured attraction on the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass.

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