A Room With a View

img_01661 The Living Room has been one of my favorite hikes for the past decade. I used to think it was almost secret, a hidden door behind a bookcase. I still think it's just as cool the hundred-and-seventeenth time as it was the first.

The Living Room consists of several sandstone furnishings: chairs, love seats, sofas and coffee tables. And it all overlooks the valley. The fall leaves are on display-- maple and scrub oak. There are still some purple asters , but earlier in the year you can see mountain bluebells, yarrow, columbine, sego lilies, and paintbrush.trail

On Monday I had an hour, so I headed east on Wakara Way (off of Foothill Dr.) towards Red Butte Garden and Arboretum. Just before the gated entrance to the Garden, turn right and head south on Colorow Road. Park on the road and start at the trailhead on your left, just before the Huntsman Corporation building.

leaves-closeupThe trailhead is not labeled with any names, but the hike is unofficially/officially known as The Living Room. Follow the trail to a wider trail/service road. Take your first left, then the next left after that. You should now be hiking east, up into the mountains. Now, stay RIGHT on the trail until you reach the final fork (30-40 minutes). There is a rock in the middle of the intersection. Go LEFT, and you are less than five minutes from an amazing view of the Salt Lake Valley.


Hiking time: 30-60 minutes one way, depending on how much you look around (you can also make it a quick trail run- I got down in 10 minutes). You can do this hike any time of year. Good view of sunsets, fireworks on July 4th and 24th, fun night hike with headlamps, and snowshoe adventure in winter.