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A Look Back at Project 337

Project 337 in Salt Lake CityJust over one year ago Project 337 closed its doors following the final public viewing and readied for demolition this locally acclaimed art project.

The idea was the brain child of Adam Price who bought this building and rather than tear it down immediately or board it up he decided to open it up to the community of artists here in Salt Lake. The concept: To use the walls, inside or out, as a blank canvas from which to create anything the artist desired.

94 artists participated in the project over a 3 month period. The concept gained momentum, and a following. Regretfully, despite a number of suggestions from friends and offers to check it out that I didn't take them up on it to see the building in person.

Check out this video which talks more about what Project 337 was.

The building was destroyed on April 5, 2008. But that's not where this story ends.


The Next Step

New momentum for arts in the community was ignited following Project 337. Urban art had not had a platform nor a venue prior to this in Salt Lake. Recently, new art has been created by the artists that participated and a collection of 22 new works called "Present Tense: A Post-337 Project" will be viewable from June 21--September 27. It's hosted by the Salt Lake Art Center with the support of the 337 Project. Details can be found on the Salt Lake Art Center website.

Lastly, a DVD doumentary called "Afterimage: The art of 377" will soon be on sale at the Art Center and other local merchants. The DVD will cost $15 and is available starting June 20.

--Image credit SoySauceSam