The Salt Lake Scene

A good, stiff drink. Made in SLC.

High West Distillery's Rendezvous Rye WhiskeyThere's a new drink in town. Actually, there are two. They're seriously stiff. And they're made right here in Salt Lake City. No kidding.

The High West Distillery, where proprietor David Perkins oversees the production of his award-winning Rendezvous Rye Whiskey and his new offering, Vodka 7000, is the first distillery in Utah since the olden days — the days before the prohibition.

But, believe it or not, High West is not the first ever distillery in the state. In a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune on the new booze-maker, reporter Kathy Stephenson unveiled an amusing fact:

While High West may be the state's only modern-day distillery, Utah actually has a long history with spirits. During the late 1800s, Mormons produced their own brand, called Valley Tan. It was considered one of the better spirits in the West and earned praise from many, including British adventurer Captain Richard F. Burton and Mark Twain, said Del Vance, author of Beer in the Beehive.

Get out of town!

Oh, wait. Now you don't have to.

Local restaurants are now serving High West's Rye Whiskey and Vodka to great reviews. They are also now available at any Utah State Liquor Store and online at K&L Wine Merchants.