3 Tips to Snow Love: Maintaining excitement through this warmth!

dsc_4227I grew up in Utah.  I wasn’t always the best “example” as a kid.  I regularly lied to my teachers about missing school for ski days and my childhood hero was Warren Miller.  I have seen every WM Video ever produced, but I haven’t read a single book cover to cover since 1993.  My sketchy track record doesn’t make me an authority on very many things, but there is one area where I remain unmatched in ability.
I have more snow love that anyone alive. :-)

As we enter what promises to be another beautiful Utah snow season, I want to share with you some secrets from an insider when it comes to SLC Ski Resorts.

Here are a few secrets that visitors don’t always count on:

1) It never matters what it looks like on the valley floor, the drive up the cottonwoods is always worth effort.  When you get up there, you find a wonderland that on its worst days is better than a lot of resorts across the country!

2) There is always something fun to do in any kind of snow conditions in Utah.  Sometimes we forget how happy we are to ski the glacier on the back side of Mount Timpanogos in the middle of July.  Sure its icy, but you have to take each opportunity on the “Mountain” in context.  Maybe you didn’t get here on the ‘best’ powder day, but it beats a day at work.

3) When you get a sunny spell in November, it’s time to book that April-Mountain-Vacation.  Some of the best Utah ski days every year are in April and May.  When spring hits, people start to turn their thoughts to warmer activities and the 10 ft of snow up at Snowbird starts to get neglected.

I was just at snowbird this morning and I thought I would share a few photos of the conditions.  Let’s see if this gets your blood pumping....

dsc_4228 dsc_4226 dsc_4225 dsc_4247