2010 Resort Awards from Warren Miller

logosEvery year the folks at Bonnier Corp and WM rate the resorts around North America in 8 different categories.  A couple of resorts here in Utah received so high marks.

Unlike a lot of “award” types, these awards seem to be less about who has the best coffee and accommodations and more about giving us a guide to how to plan our vacations and where to find the best runs.

In terms of being able to assess the resorts properly, Warren Miller entertainment represents one of the best
collections of people with up to the minute knowledge on resorts and conditions. Utah and our premium SLC resorts got the shout out in more than one area.  We took high marks in four areas for Alta and Snowbird in little cottonwood canyon.

Categories - Rankings:

  • Best Overall - #4

  • Best Back Country Access - #2

  • Best Steeps - #2

  • Best Snow - #1

Warren Miller himself was the one that coined the phrase "Steep and Deep". You have to ask yourself…What is the very most important feature of a “Snow Resort”…….Snow!  Go UTAH!