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Monday November 18, 2013

Winter is coming and with it come freezing temperatures. Whether you need a little break on your own to rejuvenate or a break from school work with the kids, getting outside will always keep your heart warm with memories.

Here are a few tips to keep you active during the winter months.

1. Go for a walk with a friend. In my opinion, this is the easiest and most rejuvenating activity for oneself because you feel less isolated while you chat and you don’t need any special gear, just comfortable shoes, a warm jacket and hat. Check out local trails or walk around your neighborhood.

2. Shovel snow for a neighbor. You’ll create strong family bonds as you serve together. Make the event fun, let the kids know they can plan on a huge cup of steaming hot cocoa filled with marshmallows and board games when they get home.

3. Snow shoe. If you’re a family who likes to hike then snow shoeing is a great alternative during the winter. You may rent or buy kids snow shoes at outdoor retailers and even Costco. Then check out your local trails and spend a couple hours trekking around. Remember to bring water to keep hydrated (or better yet a thermos with hot cocoa).

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