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The Salt Lake Scene

Posts from December 2017

  • Salt Lake - Stereotypes Be Damned

    Salt Lake is known for many things, but what you might not know is that our beautiful corner of the West is a burgeoning urban City with unparalleled beauty, gastronomy, and culture. Salt Lake will surprise you. The streets are buzzing with a new, vibrant energy, and there’s no better time to visit

  • Snowbird's Newly Renovated Cliff Spa

    Once your legs and lungs are beat from lapping “The Greatest Snow on Earth” in Little Cottonwood Canyon, treat yourself to the newly renovated Cliff Spa at the Cliff Lodge. If you’ve ever driven down Little Cottonwood Canyon, you’ve seen the Cliff Spa situated on the roof of the Cliff Lodge. Newly

  • THIS IS HOME - Utah Segment

    While it's no secret that Ski City is home to The Greatest Snow on Earth, what few people know is that Salt Lake is the playground where some of the best ski athletes on the planet cut their teeth. And why? Well, listen to local pro Jonny Collinson, and you’ll get an idea. The talented team at

  • NY Post Lists Salt Lake as Second Most Hip City in America

    “Move over, Brooklyn and Oakland, Calif. — the most hipster-infested cities in America are actually in the middle of nowhere.” OK, so here in Salt Lake, we’re somewhat used to being considered to be ‘out in the middle of nowhere,’ but what we aren’t used to, is for a New York publication naming us